Friday, March 30, 2012

Trying to catch up.... and more pictures

Day 66

Day 67

Day 68
Yummy squash on the grill:)

Day 69
My mean cat relaxing in "her" chair.

Day 70

Day 71
One of Miss Bailey's crazy faces...silly girl

Day 72
I'm so COOL!!!!

Day 73
But I'm cooler...hehe

I will post more later...hope you enjoyed them;)

Happy Friday ya'll

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I love WEDNESDAYS!!!!!

I'm loving that it's almost the weekend..I live for the weekend:)

I'm loving that in two more days  it will be my BIRTHDAY...Woo-Hoo!!!!
My hubby has something planned and it is killing me not to know what it is.

I'm loving that next week will be Spring Break for my kids and the hubby will be off work too....SWEET!!!!!

I'm loving this little cutie pie:)

I'm loving my sweet hubby:)

Have a great day ya'll!!!

Friday, March 16, 2012


It's me...

I have been a bad blogger...shame on me!!!!!!

I have been super busy and spending lots of time with my little family:)

I will be back next week with lots of pictures and things going on in my little life.

And some super great news is my birthday is next Friday....hope ya'll got me something good...hehe

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, March 9, 2012 comes the easter bunny

The Easter bunny has arrived on my door...

Pinned Image
This is the Pinterest pin
and here is mine...

Day 65
I think it turned out cute..what do you think?


My love for Mr.Sparks...

I just finished this book...

Day 64

And Mr.Sparks never disappoints his readers.
This book was so good. One of those books you can't put down.
It was a sad ending,but a good one...if that makes sense.
You should read it too:)

I'm now reading another good book
Hope everyone has a great weekend...I will be doing yard work. Gotta get my yard looking


Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's finally here....

March is here....

That means it's only 20 days till my birthday:)
So everyone should be buying me a

Here are some pics of my week.

Day 58
My pretty journal I bought.

Day 59

Day 60
My hubby thought it was funny to put this on the calendar to make sure I don't forget how old I will are too sweet hunny:)

Day 61
My feet are happy and cute...hehe

Day 62
Our pear tree is blooming

Day 63
Miss Bailey's favorite Build-a-Bear

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!