Friday, September 2, 2011

Where have you been??

Sorry I have been MIA...I have been super busy. Like crazy busy!!!!!

But today I'm taking a lazy day...kinda:)

So today is favorite day,but today is a special day cause it's my mom's birthday!!!!

My mom is the best mom ever and I'm so blessed to have such a great mom...hope she has a wonderful day today. We are going out to eat tonight and celebrate:) And she already got a great present already cause my brother came home yesterday.

So glad to have him home.!!!!!!!

And tomorrow will be a exciting day for My hubby,my son,my brother and me cause we are going to the BAMA game...WOO-HOO!!!!!!

So that's all for now...
Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend!!!!!


1 comment:

P! said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! And that's great to have family back together. Have fun this weekend!