Friday, February 10, 2012

It's Friday...WOO-HOO!!!!

Hello people:)
Happy Friday to you!!!!!!!
This week has flew by for me,so much has happened this week and all of it's good except one thing:(

I finally started feeling better and the hubby is getting better too.And I got a new vehicle this week....AWESOME and on cloud 9!!!!!!!!!!

The kids were in a Math Competition at school and both of them did great.Bailey got in the top 10 and PJ got in the top 15. I'm so proud of my smart cookies:)

I got a recommendation for a part-time job...which I'm super excited about.

The not so good news is that PJ is having some problems with his teeth and has to have 5 pulled on Valentines Day...poor kid:(

Overall I feel so blessed and so thankful for everything and know the good Lord is watching over my family.

Here are some pictures for my photo project....Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!!!!!

Day 39

Day 40
Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin....Yummy:)

Day 41


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