Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Crazy about you!!!!!

Ok blog land...I have been MIA for almost a month.
I get the BAD BLOG AWARD:(
But I have been spending time with my family,volunteering at the kids school and shopping at every flea market there is....hahaha
So I'm a crazy in love with flea markets here lately and so is my mom.
Here is some of the things that I have found....
Wine Rack for $5
Hanging wine glass holder
Can you tell I like my wine...hehe
I'm going to paint it red!!!!
I have been looking for one of these for along time.
I going to put our Christmas cards that we receive or use it as our bill holder.
And I love the burlap too!!!!
Vintage Christmas ornaments...
5cents each.....BARGAIN!!!!!
My window pane that I have so many ideas for!!!
Like a 100..lol
My set of wine glasses for $4.00
I so needed a set.
I have lots more to show,including a awesome table and chairs my mom bought.
Until next time...
Have a awesome Tuesday!!!!


Anonymous said...

i love all your stuff!!! love the shutter!!!

Kylie Helm said...

Loving these finds! That wine glass holder is a STEAL! I LOVE IT!

xo Kylie