Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hello it's me again.....

I have been MIA for a week....

I was babysitting two adorable kids last week....so I had a house full and had to be on my toes.One was two and the other four.I enjoyed it, but I'm so glad I only have two kids....lol
This mom would go NUTS!!!!!

Then spent a great weekend with my little family....we have a creek down the road from us and we love to go there!!!!!

And I bought a small pool for the kids...and they love it!!!!!

Here is the kids enjoying it....

And I have found a new love and it is called Pinterest.....it is AWESOME!!!!!
If you want to take a look click Here

Have a great Tuesday!!!

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Steph said...

i have been wonderin where u have been lol.. looks like the river where we live .. don't you just love summer time!!!i love pinterest!!!