Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's your birthday!!!!

Yesterday was my hubby's birthday and we had a blast last night:)
The kids and I decorated the house

And instead of a cake we got him a yummy cookie cake and it was awesome!!!!!

We went out to eat at our local Mexican my parents went too.
My love and me<3

I took my brother with us...He is currently in Afghanistan serving our country and he is going through a tough I thought this picture would give him some cheer:)
We love you and praying for you!!!!!

My wonderful parents!!!!!!

My hubby said he really enjoyed his birthday and we made him feel so special....and that was our plan:)
We love you!!!!!!

~~Kelly,PJ and Bailey~~

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BluBabesCreate said...

Do you know what? I love these kinds of birthdays! We do them at my house. Because nothing can replace L-O-V-E!