Sunday, July 24, 2011


My Summer Guilty Pleasures
A to Z

A- another lip gloss

I have alot and they are everywhere...but hey you could never have too many,right???


C- Cupcakes...Yummy:)

D-DIY projects...I'm totally obsessed with doing these.
I'm in the process in doing a gallery wall in my living room and one in my daughter's room.

E-Etsy shops...They have some of the cutest stuff:)

F-Flip Flops....oh wait I wear these in every

G-Gossip Magazines...but I only read them when I'm in line at the grocery store:)

H- Hamburgers on the grill....oh so good!!!
And they look like this...

I- Ice cream...especially butter pecan.

J- Justin daughter and me jam to him with the windows down.

K-Kate plus 8

L-Lazy which I'm having today!!!!

M-Mud din
No this isn't us...but have seen some like this.

Snuggle time on the couch with my love<3

O-Online can find alot of stuff....sometimes too much.

P-Pinterest...I spend too much time looking at this website. It's like

Look me up if you like...


R-Reality Shows...they are like crack too. Cause I watch too many.

S-Sweet tea from Mickey D's...with lots of ice:)

T-Tanning...not in the tanning bed though.

U- Underwear...pretty ones

V-Victoria Secret...Love

W- Wine

X-Xtra bubbles in the bath tub...while drinking my wine:)

Y-Yard really find some great things:)

Z-catching lots of Zzz's on the weekend.

Hope you are having a wonderful summer!!!


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