Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's almost that time...

My kids go back is excited and the other is not.
Today we go and meet their teachers and drop off a ton of school supplies.

I'm hoping we get the teachers we want....makes the school year much better with teachers your kids like. And mom and dad happy too:)

Hope everyone has a Terrific Thursday!!!!


Steph said...

hey for some reason i can't even comment on my own blog.. i need a blog teacher lol.. it just says select a profile and kicks me out?? i dunno.. but u ask me about the tickled pink.. i just got it at a liquor store.. and if they don't have it ask and they can order it for you.. its a little pricey.. like 25 a bottle.. i hate shopping for school supplies.. it breaks the bank fo sho!! lol..

Heather said...

I hope the school year for you all is Great and teachers are what you want ;)! We have ours tonight too.

P! said...

Back-To-School. Such a bitter-sweet thing. Good luck to the kiddos!!