Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Today let's talk about Christmas and answer a few questions...
1. What is your favorite Christmas movie?My all time favorite movie is Christmas Vacation and in second is Elf

2. What is your favorite Christmas song and why?Christmas in Dixie...The reason is a give me...I'm from Alabama:)
3. What is your favorite ornament or Christmas decoration?I love Christmas lights..I would put them everywhere if my hubby would let me. I just love how pretty they look.
4. What is your favorite Christmas tradition?My kids and me decorate the tree and cook pizza and watch Christmas movies...they love it
5. What is your favorite Christmas memory? Just being a little kid and be so excited about Santa coming...and I believe in Santa till I was 11yrs old.

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Laura said...

Pizza and decorating sounds like a great combination!

Kimberly said...

Love Christmas Vacation! I bought it on DVD this year.

I also agree about the lights. Our icicle lights on our house stopped working a couple days ago. I'm so bummed! And my husband won't have a chance to look at them until Friday at the earliest. I'm so hoping they just need a fuse or something.

Oh, and I STILL believe in Santa Clause and I'm 41. :)