Thursday, May 3, 2012

We love the creek life...

The weather was AWESOME this past weekend....
So we spent the whole weekend at the creek.

Day 116
Bailey getting rocks for our rock garden.
Excuse her bathing suit...this is her creek suit.

Day 117

Day 118
Bo having a relaxing day at the creek:)

Day 119

Day 120
And yes we ride our trucks in the creek...but only the ones who know how to drive in the creek get out of the creek. My hubby pulled this guy in the white truck out three times...WOW!!!!
It was fun to watch!!!!

So do you want to come to the



Laura said...

I wish we had a creek to play in!!

Steph@ Living The Young Life said...

looks a like a weekend where i live !!!

Elenie Counts said...

Hey girl! found your blog through Kelly's link up. I'm from Alabama also and I love your blog title. That part about the lemons is too cute (and so true). Anyway, I am excited to follow. Y'all have a great weekend!