Thursday, February 24, 2011

BBS Chapter 3 Discussion

This chapter has been the greatest one of all!!!!!!

Chapter 3-A Heart Committed to Prayer
What meant the most to you from this chapter or offered you the greatest challenge or inspired you deeply?I think what inspired me was to improve my prayer time and pray for things that are more specific and mean more...I trying to teach my kids to do the same.So its a family thing:)
Read Mark 1:35 for a glimpse of Jesus at prayer.  What can you learn about His prayer life?
When you pray it should be in a quiet place with no distraction. That's why I do mine in the morning when it's just me.
Now, describe in a few words what preceded this quiet moment in verses 21-34.
Jesus was teaching and healing people
Is your head spinning?  Mine is!  But Jesus shows us how to hand the "head spinning" events of busy, hectic, challenging days.  How can you follow His example today?
Pray before everything!!!!!!
Blessing #1:A Deeper Relationship with God--As you consider that prayer increases faith, provides a place to unload burdens, teaches us that God is always near, trains us not to panic, and changes lives, which one of these benefits would be the greatest reason for developing a heart committed to prayer at this stage of your life?  Why?
For me it would be train us not to panic. I worry about everything!!!! Remember last weeks chapter about being frazzled. But I have learned to prayer before I react and make decisions.And I know God will give me peace.
Blessing #2: Greater Purity--I shared with you my problem with gossip in this area of purity.  Now won't you identify your particular problem area and share briefly what you plan to do about it? 
I have watch TV shows in the past that weren't something that I probably needed to watch,so I have cut out alot of them. The funny thing about it now, is that I would be embarrassed to tell people I watched them.
Blessing #3:Confidence in Making Decisions--What was the result of His (Jesus) time in prayer in the area of decision making (36-39)?  What difference did prayer make in the direction for His new day?  And what difference might prayer make in the direction for your new days?
Jesus prayed and then went and preached to a nearby village.He wanted to do more.
The one thing I got from this was Make no decision without prayer.
Blessing #4: Improved Relationships--What relationship do you need to improve through prayer, and how can you begin immediately to commit to pray about the relationship? 
My hubby and me have been arguing for about a couple of weeks about something that's not really a big deal now,but at first it was to me.I started praying about every night asking God why I got so upset about it and what I should do? Well the issue has been resolve and  no more arguing....Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!
Blessing #5:Contentment--Identifiy an area in your life where you struggle with finding contentment.  Now look at Phillipians 4:10-13.  What can you learn about contentment from these words from the apostle Paul?  How can you apply Paul's lessons to your own situation? 
To be more content in my life and place everything in God's hands. And remember this...If He doesn't meet it,you didn't need it.
Blessing #6: God Confidence--How do these scriptures increase your trust in God?
Psalm 34:9...MY FAVORITE!!!!! As long as a put trust in the Lord,I will lack awesome it that!!!!!
Blessing #7:The Ministry of Prayer--Edith Schaeffer stated, "Interceding for other people makes a difference in the history of other people's lives."  Who are the people you can minister to through prayer and when do you plan to begin this "ministry"? 
My family and friends:) Pray for them.
Read again the suggestions made in the "Yes, But How?" section for cultivating a heart committed to prayer.  After writing down which ones you will put into practice today, read my own story.
1.Make more time with the Lord...something is better than nothing.
2. Have a prayer journal
3. Pray in everything I do




Anonymous said...

Wahoo! Great Post! I love this book the more we get into it! Thanks so much for linking up!

Rebekah said...

I am such a worrier, too. I am so thankful for my prayer life, even though I know it needs to be better!

Laura said...

I love that you are incorporating your whole family when it comes to prayer!

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