Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!!!!!

I love this day

I love all the yummy chocolates

I love making special things for my kids

I love cuddling with my hubby

I love making a special dinner for my hubby

I love decorating the kitchen with hearts

I love leaving notes all over the house...I do this alot,not just on V-day

I love seeing the color RED!!!!!!!

Hope everyone has a Marvelous Monday and a loving Valentines Day!!!!!!!

It always protects,always trusts,always hopes,always preserves
Love never fails


Elizabeth said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you! You are loved! xoxo!

Gabriella said...

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for the adorable Valentine's Day Card! I love getting mail so this exchange was so much fun. I am now follwing your blog. Hope you have a great Valentine's Day! :)