Saturday, February 12, 2011

My HAPPY list:)


Well it's Saturday,so that's one thing to be happy about...hehe

I'm happy about the nice weather we are having in the state of Alabama....sorry to all the people with snow still.

I'm happy cause we don't have a single thing planned today,so we have a relaxing day.

So happy that the Girls Night Out with my daughter last night, was so AWESOME!!!!!!!
She had a blast at the JB movie and mommy did too:)

So what is your HAPPY list????
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Elizabeth said...

I love not having anything planned!!!

Anonymous said...
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Rachel Murphy said...

yeah for your sunshine and please send me some too. Great happy list.

Anonymous said...

Awe, I wish I girls night outs with my mom. That's awesome!

I love those days were you have nothing planned...or when you don't need to wake up early. Sigh....I wish that was everyday.

What a great list!