Friday, February 4, 2011

The Happiness Project....January

I recently joined a book club hosted by Elizabeth from musing experiences. The book she is doing is The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.

I've had this book for a couple of months,but never really got into it,until now. I'm excited about what I will learn from it.

The book is broken up into 12 months,Gretchen didn't like making new year resolutions,because she never stuck with them....hello this is me:) So every month she made goals for herself ,so she could  pursue happiness...sounds like a very achievable plan to me.

January goal was: Boost Energy
*Go to sleep earlier
*Exercise better
*Tackle a nagging task
*Act more energetic

On the go to sleep early...I have been trying this for awhile.I've had little success!!! But I'm make it a priority next week that after the kids go to bed...(they go to bed at 8) I do all my nightly things and have everything done by 9:30. And have the lights out by 10.  

Moving on....Exercise better
I know I need to get better at I've been doing the 30 day shred for 20minutes a day,except on weekends. Riding the exercising bike for 15 minutes three days a week. So I think I'm doing pretty good. I have even lost a few pounds and it really does make you feel so much better:)

The next thing is Toss,restore,organize
I have to say I already started doing this...YAY for me!!!!!
I did my closet and kitchen a month ago. But I do have other things that I need to go through. So I'm on track on getting my house organized:)

Now we have tackling a nagging task...
I have a ton and really need to do them....
1. take all the books that I tossed out to my library(I'm donating them)
2.Make a dentist appt for me.
3.have a huge yard sale...too cold,but definitely in the spring
4.send recent pics of the kids to relatives

The last thing is Act more energetic..
Gretchen said this and it is so true..
"Act the way you feel"
And that's what I've been doing.
But on the days when I'm dragging...I just start to act like a have more energy and usually it works. Like Gretchen said..."Fake it till you feel it"

I'm enjoying reading the book and making goals for myself that are easy to do,rather than make goals for the whole year and never do them.If you would like to join this book HERE

Until next month....

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Elizabeth said...

I love your to do list! I am doing the same, trying to get all the nagging tasks completed! :-) Good for you!!