Friday, February 25, 2011

Fill in the blank Friday

Ok this is my first time doing this and looks like fun.
So here goes....

1.   I am currently obsessed with  
Putting moose in my hair....I'm trying something different and it's alot easier to fix. Plus it's been kinda warm and who wants a hot blow dryer on their

2.  Today I am    HAPPY     because, it's Friday and I love the weekend!!!!!!

3.  The age I am is    33     and the age I feel is 27....I really don't feel or look my age.That's a good thing right...haha.

4.  My favorite place is the BEACH....I love it and wished I lived. It so relaxing:)

5.  Something I have been procrastinating is cleaning under my bathroom sink...I have been putting it off way too long.Also I need to clean my daughter's closet out,but that will have to be when she is at school...if you know what I mean:) 

6.  The last thing I purchased was a Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino Creme...I love these,but they are a little pricey to drink everyday.

7.  The thing I love most about my home is it's in the country and I have my wonderful hubby and great kids plus a bad dog and a crazy cat to share it with:)


1 comment:

monica said...

love love love your blog! enjoy the rest of your week chica!

xo monica