Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Girl Talk Hop....A day alone

In Today's Girl Talk Hop,we want to know How you would spend a perfect day ALONE???

Well first I would have my hubby cook me breakfast in bed...fresh strawberries,pancakes,bacon and of course my coffee.
And after that get ready and kiss everyone bye for the day....MOMMY DON'T GO!!!!!!
I would go to every flea market and antique place and find the most unique things,you would be surprised on what you will find.
Then go have a full body massage,a manicure and a pedicure....oh so nice.
Go eat at a little bistro cafe and people watch.
Maybe walk through the park and then check into a hotel and take a hour long bubble bath and  jump on the bed like a little kid...I can do this cause I'm alone and nobody is watching...hehe:)
Then finish the day off with a long nap on a bed with lots of PILLOWS.

Maybe I could make this happen.....hint hint to my hubby

So what would your day alone be like???
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Laura said...

Ooooh... your day is very doable!! You should definitely drop HUGE hints to your husband haha.

Kimberly said...

Love the sound of your day! I hope you get to do that soon!