Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday:)

1. I'm loving my sweet hubby....he surprised and came home for lunch,just to tell me he loves me and was thinking of me...aww so sweet:)

2. I'm loving my kids are out of school on Friday,due to Professional Development Day....not sure what this is,but hey we get to sleep in on Friday!!!!!!

3.I'm loving that the BBS started excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4.I'm loving this new nail polish I have on my toes...the color is No means No kinda a weird name,huh??? It's like a purple color...I like it alot. My daughter must love it too, cause she wants her toes and finger nails painted:)

5. I'm loving that I joined a book club with Elizabeth from musing experiences. We are discussing the Happiness Project. You could join if you like:)

6.I'm loving that we got our income taxes back....WOO-HOO!!!!! Shopping Spree...I wished:(  We are using most of the money for repairs around the house and new tires for my truck....which is so needed!!!!!

7. I'm loving all your wonderful ladies in Blog World...I have meet some really nice ladies here and I have gotten alot of great ideas,yummy recipes and inspiration from all of with that I thank you:)

Hope everyone has a AWESOME Wednesday!!!!!!!!


Elizabeth said...

Have fun with the BBS!! I am so excited you joined in on the book club!!

Katie said...

Wednesday - my favorite day :) Beautiful post. I love the line about your toes! I have to paint mine.. I'm so lazy in the winter, lol!


Kit said...

You are loving some great things :) Yay for no school!