Wednesday, March 30, 2011

BBS Chapter 8 Link up

A Heart That Loves

What meant the most to you from this chapter or offered you the greatest challenge or inspired you deeply?
Wow!!!!! Loved this chapter...but I love all of them:) This chapter made me smile and so happy,cause I already do some of the things for my hubby:) But I know I can do much more for him.

 Prepare for Your Husband Daily- If your husband were to write an article about his homecoming, what do you think he might report? 
He would report that the kids and I always welcome him home with loving arms and so happy to have him at home.

 Please Your Husband
My hubby has more likes and it makes it easier for me. But I try to always cook his favorite meal or buy something special for him.He loves the chocolate marshmallow bunnies,so I will be sure to tell the Easter bunny...hehe

Protect Your Time With Your Husband
I always try to have date nights for us and stick with them.Even if its sitting on the couch watching a movie.I cherish anytime with my best friend:)

Physically Love Your Husband

Positively Respond to Your Husband
I use the words Sure and Ok.

Praise Your Husband-write down 7 things about his qualities or personalities and then praise him!  One for each day!
4.always thinking of others
5.a great family man
6.very dependable
7.loves the Lord

 Pray Always
I pray for my husband...but I know I can do better at this.

These last few chapters have really got me thinking about my marriage and just little things can make a huge difference.
My husband even told me last night that he was so proud of me on all the changes that have been happening in me and in our marriage.How awesome is that!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

We REALLY need to have date nights! We do not do that at all:( Great Post :) Thanks for linking up!

Ryan V. said...

I agree...the last few chapters have really made a difference on my perspective of marriage and how to be a great wife! That is awesome that your husband has even noticed some changes! You're kids are super cute by the way!!

RHoNW said...

I need to check out this Bible Study Blog, sounds like it is great. I am your newest follower btw, saw you on cafemom.