Friday, March 11, 2011

In One Word

I saw this over at Blessed Mama and thought it was cool to do....

In One Word....

Yourself: Happy:)Your husband: Wonderful!!!!Your hair: Dislike
Your Mother: Thankful
Your Father: Handyman
Your Favorite Item: My Laptop
Your Favorite Drink: Sweet Tea...a must have:)
Your Dream Car: Nissan white
Your Dream Home: Log Home
The Room You Are In: Living Room
Your fear: Losing my kids or hubby
Where you Want to be in Ten Years?A boutique owner
Who you hung out with last night: Family
What You’re Not: A mean person
One of Your Wish List Items: dining room set
Time: 9:30am
The Last Thing You Did: take kids to school
What You Are Wearing: Pj's
Your favorite weather: Summer
Your Favorite Book: Books by Nicholas Sparks
Last thing you ate: Toast
Your Life: Very blessed
Your mood: Happy:)
Your Best Friend: Hubby
Your car: Nissan Xterra
Your summer: Exciting
Relationship status: Married
What is on your TV: Today show
When is the last time you laughed: Last night
So what's your in one word???
Tell me...Tell me!!!!

I also wanted to tell about a wonderful blogger named Steph. She blogs over atNursing in Red Stilettos.I met her through a Valentine Swap and she is AWESOME!!! And she's even doing a giveaway,so check her will love her<3 

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