Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Girl Talk Hop: Things I swear by.

Time for another Girl Talk Hop....WOO-HOO!!!!
The topic for today is things I swear by,so here is mine....

I love my sunglasses...I even wear them when it's cloudy...hehe:)

My Bath&Body Works products....Japanese Cherry Blossom shower gel and Fragrance mist.....LOVE!!!

I love pens of all kind.....

Southern Belle T-shirts...love the sayings
And this is my favorite one:)

I live by these....I can use a big one like this in a day....or maybe 2 days.

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Laura said...

That is a lot of clorox wipes to go through in a day or two! :)

Love that tshirt!

Kimberly said...

I'm really enjoying reading everyone's lists! We use Clorox wipes all the time too. Not that many though. :)