Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm ready for warmer weather....PLEASE!!!!

So it's been really cold here in Alabama....and I don't like it one bit!!!!
I'm not use to this kind of weather...

Today Jan 12Thu 13Fri 14Sat 15Sun 16

SunnySunnySunnyMostly SunnyPartly Cloudy
SunnySunnySunnyMostly SunnyPartly Cloudy

I know most of you up north would laugh at these temps....but we Southern people like warmer least I do!!!!!

At least its going to warm up at the end of the week...THANK GOODNESS!!!!!!

So I got my fireplace going and has been going since Sunday and I'm nice and cozy. I'm not leaving the house until I have to go get kids from school.

Update on my Bible reading...I'm doing so good and learning about God's love and all his awesome!!!!!
I came across this verse from another bloggerBlessedMama...thought I would share

Trust in the Lord!!!!God is great and his promises even greater!!!!!
Isaiah 40:31

And I'm so excited about the Blog Bible Study that starts 2/2/2011. I should get my book any day now. I'm counting the days...only 21 days to go!!!!

Hope everyone had a great day!!!!!! 


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Rebekah said...

So great! I'm so glad you're doing the BBS! It will be awesome.