Sunday, January 9, 2011

You can call me.... Mrs. Organized!!!!!

I wrote of list of things that I wanted to do better in 2011 a week ago. And one of them was to get my house organized. Well I didn't have anything planned yesterday so I decided to get started.

I started with my kitchen,I organized the cabinet and threw alot of stuff out....don't know why I was keeping some of the stuff????

I also rearranged the kitchen so that you can move around alot better.(Meaning more counter space) When my husband cooks he always complains that he doesn't have enough space....Well he has space 

So moving on to other parts of the room wasn't bad,just had some Christmas still up. I does stuff get so dusty???? I went through some books and I'm donating alot to my local library. This room was easy and I was done with it in no time....YAY!!!!!!!

Now the biggest challenge of all......drum roll please................
My bedroom and the dreaded closet....Oh No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have putting this off too long and it has become a monster.
I cleaned under the bed and found stuff that I didn't know I had. I cleaned and organized our dresser drawers and nightstands out....look much better:)
Now the I have too??? HaHa!!!!
I just pulled everything out and started fresh.
I found some stocking stuff for my kids that I forgot to put in their stocking...oops:(
P.S. they ate the Christmas cookies after dinner:)
It amazes me of how much stuff my closet could hold,cause it was packed in there....shame shame on me.
After about 1 1/2 hours I was done and sing HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!
Now that I'm done  my house is so organized and I feel so accomplished in what I did.And it going to stay that way!!!!!!


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Rebekah said...

I love organizing our house! It just makes me feel better. I've been slowly doing it this whole week since we're having a friend in town. By far, the worst place was my closet!