Saturday, January 8, 2011

Just do it!!!!!

I've been reading alot of blogs about reading the Bible in a year. I have read some of it over a couple of years. I know I could learn alot more,because I'm still clueless on some things. So after thinking and some inspiration from two bloggers that I follow...Melissa andLaura,I'm going to just do it:)

I know I'm already behind a couple of days,but I'm going to start reading today and catch up to today's date.READ..READ...READ!!!!!

If you would like to start reading the Bible in a is a great website BibleGateway. They have some great reading plans just for you.


Rebekah said...

I'm doing a similar version! I've never done it, but I'm loving it!

Melissa said...

That's awesome, Kelly! & i'm excited to hear you are going to do the Bible Study, too! :)

Laura said...

Yeah! So glad you are going to do this! I read through the Bible a few years ago and I was glad I did. I made so much more click and the Old Testament has some CRAZY stuff in it!

I'll be asking you how you are doing along the way. :) And if you ever read something you want to talk about go ahead and email me. I love hearing what others are learning in the Bible and when you share you remember more. :)